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SONTEK manufactures multipurpose storage tanks for constructions, food, wastewater treatment chemical and petro-chemical sectors, with all around the quality and safety principles. The main services we provide are in shock : Sea sector , Chemical, Food , involved in the construction , mining, storage tanks : Drinking and waste water tanks, storage tanks, field tanks, prismatic and cylindrical tanks




Have a useful model and product design registry certificate and a smart design, Our products are in the guarantee until 2 years, because we are used to quality establishment certicated materials and producing systems, 500-1.000.000 lt capacity range, AISI 304/316 stainless steel and epoxy covered steel options, Capacity increasing with characteristic of serial connections, With ergonomic constructions and easy carry and montage, If compare the other tank types(plastics, reinforced concrete, ext.), you will see hygienic advantage, Stainless, not cover with algae, not smell and not increase the microbes